Lentil & Prawn Wadas

Wadas are fried lentil or vegetable dumplings. They originate from western and southern India and are usually served as a snack or cocktail nibble, perfect with 2019 Bone Dry Rose.

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Simple & Delicious

Quince Paste

The essential accompaniment for every cheese plate, perfectly paired with Sparkling Shiraz.

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Lamb Cutlets slow cooked with Pickling Spices

Achari Lamb

A delicious, rich and flavourful curry best served with good quality sour dough bread or Indian style flat breads. Pair with 2017 Shiraz.

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Mum's traditional

Pork Cha-Shu

Pork cooked in black tea — the tea’s tannins tenderise the meat and reduce the fat so it becomes light and clean. You’ll also use the marinade to dress the salad so there is no waste — it is so simple and so good. Pair with 2017 Estate Red. 

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With Glass Noodle Salad

Chargrilled Salmon

A perfect salad to prepare and serve at your next barbecue, this colourful and tasty noodle dish can be served as an accompanying side salad, or as a main course. Pair with 2019 Sauvignon Blanc.

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Grilled Beef

Gyuniku Teriyaki

Simple, succulent marinated steak. Pair with 2018 Richardson Cabernet Sauvignon. 

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Chilli & Ginger


Straight up with a kick. A decent oyster doesn’t need much else to really make it sing – try this beautifully simple combo. Pair with 2015 Midnight Cuvée. 

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Steamed Soy & Ginger

Coral Trout

Light & juicy – as with most seafood, fresh fish makes this dish. Perfect with the subtle texture & spice of the 2019 Champ Blend Blanc.

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Cooked in Yoghurt & Cumin Seeds

Lamb Shoulder

This dish is wonderful served with Burghul pilaf, Smoked eggplant dip or Mint salad — or all three if you wish! Let the feast begin. Pair with 2017 Section One Shiraz.

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