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Explorer Thomas Mitchell was the first European recorded to have travelled through the district on his 1836 journey of exploration, naming it Pyrenees as it reminded him of the Pyrenees in Europe where he had served in the army.

The first vines were planted in the Avoca area in 1848 by a man named MacKereth. His 100,000 litre winery was able to support each of the three wine shops in the thriving town of Avoca. He eventually sold his wine-related assets to a clergyman named Dawson who promptly uprooted the vines, shut the winery and destroyed the cellars. Such was the undeserved death of the Pyrenees district until this foolishness was redressed when Château Remy replanted vines in 1963.

The weather pattern of winter and early spring rains and a dry summer (when vintage occurs) make the Pyrenees a grape growers paradise compared with other winegrowing regions which often receive rain at vintage with a consequent risk of fungal disease. Its inland location gives rise to low midsummer relative humidity.