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The myriad slopes, elevations & microclimates in our vineyard, combined with French traditions and know-how in planting those vines enables the creation of a full range of red, white and sparkling wines from the one Estate.

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The Estate

The Blue Pyrenees Estate vineyard sits in natural amphitheatre at the foothills of the Pyrenees mountain range. Here, ample amounts of sunshine along with warmth moderated by altitude and cool southerly winds provide a grapegrower’s paradise.

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Chief Winemaker Andrew Koerner believes that authentic wine should not be dominated by winemaking — all wine should show varietal fruit characters as young wines while respecting the flavours of the site and region in which they are grown.

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Tasting Notes

Explore the sights, smells and flavours of the Blue Pyrenees Estate range, past to present.

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Led by Chief Winemaker Andrew Koerner, the Blue Pyrenees Estate team combines experience and knowledge with passion and dedication to bring to you the best range of estate-grown wines possible.

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