The Estate is comprised of 150 hectares of vineyards on the edge of an abundant State forest and bordered by the Pyrenees mountain range, about seven kilometers out of the township of Avoca.

Ample amounts of sunshine ensure our grapes ripen to full maturity with the heat moderated by altitude (400 metres above sea level) and southerly ocean winds allowing us to escape the extremes of temperature associated with continental climates. The surrounding mountains and the undulating nature of our Estate see cool air movement down the slopes, preventing the frost devastation which afflicts so many other Victorian vineyards. Essentially, the climate is warm enough to give concentration and power, yet cool enough to give vibrancy and elegance, resulting in remarkable wines from Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Merlot, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.



The gravel beds on the valley floor no doubt reminded our French forbears of the gravels of Bordeaux and the south of France and are, not surprisingly, best suited to our Bordeaux and Rhône varietals. There are broadly three soil types across the Estate.

• a brown sandy loam to sandy clay over a gravelly medium brown clay subsoil which permits good root depth – this wide root prospection offsets the aridity of these soils. The deepness of these soils provide the opportunity for dryland cropping of Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Merlot. This soil type generally covers the blocks as you enter the main gate, heading towards the Lakehouse. The hill is of a similar soil type, the principal difference being the presence of rocky quartz at depth. Vine vigour is moderate as are yields and both factors contribute to the undoubted quality and strength of the red wines.

• well drained reddish brown sandy loam over a sandy clay loam subsoil, with sandstone at depth. This soil type occurs in blocks 8 to 12 which support the majority of the vines used for our sparkling base. Good drainage and an excellent aspect (east facing slope) provide the ideal environment for sparkling base.

• brown loamy sands over a brown light medium clay, with up to 15% quartz at depth. This soil type covers the remainder of the flats.

A diverse range of microclimates and soils across our property result in wines with a complex array of flavours.