We are not growing Tomatoes

Vincent Gere - Chief Winemaker 1987 - 1996

Winemaking is an art

Chief Winemaker Andrew Koerner believes that authentic wine should not be dominated by winemaking — all wine should show varietal fruit characters as young wines while respecting the flavours of the site and region in which they are grown.

Blue Pyrenees Estate (then known as Château Remy) was among the modern Australian wine industry’s first ventures into cool climate viticulture. The Pyrenees (1392 heat degree days) is only marginally warmer than Coonawarra (1365 heat degree days), a key reference for cool climate viticulture in this country.

The breathtaking lake on our Estate, inadvertently formed during the gold-rush when a gold mining dredge struck a subterranean stream and flooded the valley, provides a valuable supplementary water resource for the Estate when required, especially in dry seasons. However, our vines receive minimal irrigation water. Some of them are dry-grown in keeping with the philosophy of Vincent Gere (our French chief winemaker from 1987 to 1996) who once quipped “We are not growing tomatoes”.